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Doris has been instrumental in making our yoga program here a huge success. I have worked with hundreds of instructors in the past, and never have I come across someone as personable and likable as Doris. Her classes are highly sought-after and many describe her teaching style as both fun and empowering. She is absolutely brilliant in what she does! 


Howie Tse

Gym Manager at Soho House

Doris has been heading community for HK and SG for almost two years now. She’s been invaluable in creating and spearheading the Sweaty Betty community for us here in Hong Kong and Singapore. Her business background, combined with her knowledge and network in the fitness and wellness community, has really helped kick-start and launch the business and our community to where it is today. She’s fast, quick, and very much on the ball. I appreciate her ability to create, cultivate and grow a community and her approach to growing the business. She has been instrumental in bringing our vision, mission, and values to life. 


Ariane Zaguary

Founder of Rue Madame / Sweaty Betty Hong Kong & Singapore

It was a pleasure working with Doris as we opened Sweaty Betty’s first stores in Hong Kong and Singapore. With the community at the heart, Doris set about spreading brand awareness and inviting women to join us. In and out of the studios, on and offline, she gathered a wonderful momentum in our mission to empower women through fitness and beyond. Reflecting our values she helped bring our stores to life and this was key in our steps to success.

Emma Thornton

Global SVP Retail, Sweaty Betty


Doris and Viv come with a wealth of knowledge and together compliment the program with their trainings, experience and passion. They are consistently open to creating the best learning environment and ensure mentees have space to give feedback. If you’re a newly minted yoga teacher and want to deep dive into how you can apply your new acquired skill, check them out!


My new life journey as a yoga teacher started not so long ago, but it wouldn’t be possible without Doris and Viv. After all the certifications I did, “Elevate” was the most important one in realising and finding ( and establishing) my own way as a teacher. The Mentorship program helped me to build my confidence, learn and incorporate into my teaching lots off useful practical tips which significantly improved my teaching skills.

And the coolest thing is that I gained knowledgeable and amazing Mentors, and really great friends, who I can come to anytime for advice and to share the happiness of my achievements .


I am glad I joined this programme along with my YTT. It enriches my knowledge in teaching and mindfulness. I like the surprise activities where we need to improvise sequences and the "OMwork" that "force" us to hold community class and teach, which otherwise I may not have done. It's precious to have somebody experienced in teaching to join my class and gives my honest feedback. And now I am ready and confident to teach more!


I joined this program after my 200hr training not knowing what to do next, Doris and Viv held my hand and took me on a transformative 6 weeks journey. They’ve provided me honest and constructive feedback, valuable insight to the wellness industry in Hong Kong, most importantly, they push me out of my comfort zone.



Doris is one of the most thoughtful and technical yoga teachers I have ever had. She puts care into each class and customizes that learning to maximize what is needed for the student at that time. She knows what is needed required longer term for a student to really progress and enjoy yoga as well as focusing on helping to open up the body including helping the student learn for themselves how to get deeper into the asanas. Doris' positive attitude and relentless encouragement make her a joy to work with and keep one both excited and enthused to be the best yogi they can be!


Doris has a unique ability to create a welcoming and friendly environment where people of all skills/ ability levels feel confident to try new poses along with more challenging flows. I appreciate how Doris makes adjustments/ accommodations for injuries as well as for general comfort. I’d recommend Doris to anyone, whether they’re interested in getting back into yoga or a seasoned practitioner.


When I first met Doris, I was struck by her kindness and self-reflective nature, two qualities which I soon understood to be key elements of her character. Working with her throughout the Mentorship, I was continually impressed with how she would pause, self-correct, and then continue on her path.  I was less of a mentor and more of a guide - she already knew what she needed - and wanted - to learn.  All that was required was the confidence to refine her natural gifts. She left the Pure Yoga Mentorship, a polished instructor who had found and defined her voice. She is a compassionate, intelligent, and mindful teacher who sees everyone, particularly her students, in a holistic and true way.   Doris teaches from the essence of who she is, something we all should be inspired by.

Andrea Borrero, Pure Yoga NYC

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