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Advance Your Teaching, Build Confidence and Grow Your Yoga Career

Does this Resonate with You?

⊹ Are you a yoga teacher who's feeling a little lost about how to get your foot in the industry?
⊹ Do you find yourself experiencing imposter syndrome and feeling like you're not good enough to start?
⊹ Do you feel like you need a bit of a nudge to move forward, build a community and pivot into your teaching career? 
⊹ Are you conflicted as to how you would juggle the life of corporate and the life of teaching yoga?

Introducing 1:1 Mentoring

*by application only*

Get my full support in your yoga teaching career over the period of six weeks.

We will work on:

⊹ Effective and Efficient Cueing

⊹ Sequence effectively and create "sticky" classes

⊹ Confidence & Advance your teaching skills

⊹ How to pivot from corporate into a career in yoga & wellness

How to build and cultivate a community

⊹ The business of yoga (the little things that no one tells you)

*option to customize this program to cater to your needs / specific areas after our discovery call

Here's what's included:

 ⊹ Duration: 6 weeks (online)
1:1 personalized mentoring per week: 75 minutes 
(includes Asana Labs, Practice Teaching, Sequencing & Business of Yoga)
 ⊹ Hours per week: 2-3 hours (OMwork & Journaling included)
⊹ Hours total for 6 weeks: 18-20 hours
⊹ Assessment: Mentees will receive feedback on a weekly basis during 1:1 coaching sessions.
⊹ Mentees are evaluated on their participation, OM work, and teaching skills​
⊹ Online support through WhatsApp
⊹ Two full class assessment + detailed feedback (or live business project & feedback)
⊹ Assigned Readings with written commentary
⊹ 20 hours CET credits from Yoga Alliance


Your Investment

$1,599 USD

Hey, I'm Doris

I am a leadership coach, community builder, and yoga teacher/mentor focused on transformation.

Throughout my yoga teaching career, I have always found gaining experience and working with mentors very effective and sometimes, transformative.

That was always my way of learning, I say YES - I get thrown in and I figure it out by DOING, making mistakes and seeking advice from mentors. It’s like reading a self-help book and not applying the skills. It’s no use, if you’re not USING the skills right?

Working with me is just that, using skills you’ve gained from your YTT, bringing it into life, allowing yourself to fumble a few times and with guidance from an experienced mentor, it eventually gets better. Experience comes from taking action... sitting on your butt and hoping will not change your life nor make you a great teacher. That’s what I am here for - to work with you on your needs, fill in the knowledge and experience gaps and nudge you towards a purposeful career in yoga.

So are you ready to step out of our comfort zone and be the teacher you always wanted to be?

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