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Empowering You to Be the Leader of Your Life

My purpose is to help you get unstuck, find clarity and focus on your path, and empower you to be the leader of your life.


We'll uncover unconscious patterns, beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back, and tap into your highest self and truest desires. Through this process, you’ll gain tools to support you through your transformational journey.

⊹ Align Your Mind, Body, & Soul 

⊹ Regain power and control of your own life 

⊹ Re-discover your higher self and tap into your truest desires

Leadership & Transition Coaching is for you if you...

⊹ Want to discover your inner purpose and gifts

⊹ Feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious with work and life

⊹ Are going through a pivot / transition in life, career, or relationships

⊹ Want to get unstuck in your health/fitness, relationships and career

⊹ Want to make a change but are not sure what direction to go in

⊹ Are ready to become a leader in your own life 

⊹ Want to align to your true, authentic self

⊹ Want to remove any self-doubts and unwanted beliefs so that you can work on being better and living better

I will help you:

Get unstuck and find clarity and focus

Rewire or unwire any unconscious patterns, belief, behaviors that no longer serves you

Empower you to progress to your next level

Connect with your highest self and tap into your truest desires

Gain tools to guide your through your transformational journey

Here's what's included:

Discovery call

Sessions will take place over zoom

Homework assignments

Support online between sessions

Depending on our first call - we may need 4 to 6 sessions per topic;

first session will be identifying your present state and desired state

Hey, I'm Doris

I work with female entrepreneurs, leaders of their own kind, passionate change makers, who are socially and spiritually conscious, community driven, loves a good adventure and has a zest for life ⚡️

Through many pivotal moments in my life, whether that’s in career, going from near death experience to living a happy life, or moving countries, I have worked with coaches who have helped me get unstuck so I can be the best version of myself.


I felt the call and need to pay it forward. Using the tools and techniques I’ve gained throughout the years, I now help and empower others be the leader of their lives.


Coaching serves as a guide to living. Sometimes we don’t see what we don’t see, we don’t know what we don’t know, and having someone you trust to provide guidance in an unbiased way is a transformative experience.


Together we’ll identify any unconscious behaviours that may be holding you back, find your purpose and get clear on your mission and values. Sometimes we just need that coach or cheerleader to nudge us through our goals, intentions and vision, and I’m here to be that cheerleader for you.


Work with me to Align Your Mind, Body & Soul.

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